Abrehart Ecology Ltd’s Laboratory

Our staff have experience in a wide range of invertebrate and botanical ID which is supported by our lab. Our lab is equipped to provide detailed sample analysis, identification and accompanying images for all of our surveys. We can also provide sample analysis for previously completed surveys and for independent verification on request.


With the support of our lab our experts can identify all molluscs and bivalves to a species level from both terrestrial and aquatic environments.


Freshwater & Intertidal Surveys

The lab allows Abrehart Ecology to complete all aspects of freshwater and intertidal surveys in-house from field sampling to sample analysis. Our ability to identify groups to a species level allows us to verify water quality through indices such as Site Analysis for Freshwater Invertebrate Surveys (SAFIS) producing standard metrics such as BMWP, ASPT, LQI, CCI, LIFE and PSI scores. Surveys can be further enhanced by full botanical ID including aquatic macrophytes.



The lab can produce detailed macro images of invertebrates, molluscs and botanical material to support survey reporting. As well as adding a great visual aspect to reporting these images can help with the confirmation of species without needing to hold and request real life samples in the future.