Abrehart Ecology Ltd’s Mollusc Services


Our ecologists are highly skilled in mollusc survey and identification. We are able to provide a comprehensive advisory service for all of the mollusc species protected by European Law under the Habitats Directive and species listed in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan. This includes the surveying, mitigation and translocation of molluscs as well as providing bespoke training on mollusc identification and ecology.


All of our mollusc surveys are supervised by a leading national mollusc expert, Toby Abrehart, who is supported by a small team of dedicated staff. Many molluscs surveys can be carried out all year round, but require fore thought and planning. For small scale surveys we would recommend contacting us at least a month prior to work commencing on your site, for larger scale surveys more time may be required.


You may find the work you wish to carry out can be affected by the protected status of many molluscs, we can offer advice on the legislation relevant to your work including:

The Habitats Directive 

The Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 (section 41)

We currently hold licences for surveying and translocation of Little whirlpool ramshorn snail and Roman snail, survey licences for and Fresh-water pearl mussel. Should your site require licencing we can help you to navigate the process before work begins.

Mitigation and Translocation

If your site holds a population of protected molluscs you may be required to mitigate for any impacts your project may have on that population or to translocate the population elsewhere for their safety. With our knowledge and expertise of mollusc ecology we are able to provide advice on, and to carry out if required, a wide range mitigation and translocation schemes such as those suitable for sea wall repairs, infrastructure development and pollution incidences.
Further information on the protected status of invertebrates can be found on the UK’s government website