Snail Care

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Snail Care


A few months ago we introduced you to our roman snail translocation project, ( and we thought show you how they’re doing and talk about their care. Our snails are doing well, growing big and breeding.

We keep our snails in 4m by 1m pens outside, the pens are lined with chicken wire and have lids to keep the snails safe and to stop them from escaping. We prepared the ground with a chalk powder to mimic their natural chalky habitat. We still top up the chalk from time to time. Our snails are most active after rain so if we go several days without rain we water the snails for around 10 minutes. There’s old tiles, stones wood and bark in the pen to provide shelter. There are also bare patches of ground to allow them to burrow for protection from the heat or cold should they need to.

We feed our snails a couple of times a week on brassicas such as cabbages and cauliflower. They prefer slightly rotten vegetation and will eat the leaves when they are wilted and decomposing. Most importantly we always try to make sure they have plenty to eat after rainfall when they are most active.

To see some more of our snails check out the video below and let us know what you think!


*All of these snails are held under licence as they are protected under schedule 5 of the wildlife and countryside act in the UK.